So Comfy Bunion Corrector

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"I have to tell you I was SO skeptical that anything so simple could really alleviate something as painful and intrusive as a bunion, but, WOW! I wear them after I get home and until I leave the next day, so about 10-12 hours a day most days. Not only has my bunion gone way down, but, it is no longer painful. Please feel free to share this unsolicited review. I love my So Comfy's!"

- Gabrielle.H, II Bunion Corrector


Item Type: Foot Care Tool

Material: Breathable, soft, and comfortable cotton with velcro straps.

Size: One size fits most
*Comes in a pair (left & right foot)

Description: The Orthopedic Bunion Corrector will naturally ease discomfort from bunions and help to repair them without the slightest inkling of pressure or pain. You will feel a sense of relief as soon you put the corrector on after a tough day. It is made with extremely soft, medical-grade material that prevents blisters, tenderness, and irritation from rubbing against surfaces or footwear.

How to wear the So Comfy Bunion Corrector:

1) Lay the corrector flat on the ground with the two aluminum support straps laid out flat beside. The small strap should be adjacent to the big toe and the larger strap adjacent to the foot.

2) Now, start with the small strap. Put the puller head between your thumb and forefinger and wrap the small strap tightly around the base of your big toe, attaching the velcro when you can't wrap anymore.

3) Now do the same with the larger strap, wrapping it tightly around your foot until your can attach the velcro on the top of your foot.

*You can use the the velcro straps to further adjust them to your comfort but make sure they're nice and snug. You'll need to tighten the strap until your big toe is totally straight, creating pressure (but not pain).